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Wisdom Letters

Ashray Das Love !
Whosoever assents and agrees with life, he becomes peaceful, whatsoever you desire to endow or impart to the world, you surely will be able to!
Its because you are afflicted by the pain of giving you’ll get relieved only by bestowing- this pain of yours is actually the flow of your life. Don’t get upset or anxious from this sorrow, this anguish!
This pain is spontaneous flow of the river of your life, this will only lead you to your ocean- the motto of your life.


Devi Dasi Love
Whatsoever is happening, happens according to the will of God, So don’t present a variety of prayers daily!
Whatsoever happens in your life; consider it as the almighty’s desire until unless its really mandatory don’t pray to God. If you really feel like, then, just pray that” I handover my life on to you dear God, you only take care of it now.
You’re asking meaning of Bhakti. Bhakti is actually simplicity of mind; which awakens sense of surrendering; after which a melody would start you’ll find continuously ringing inside:- you you you, not me, just you- you you!
Only you!!

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