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Get to know more about “Meditation”

Get to know more about “Meditation”

Meditation has become something absolutely needed, it simply means the capacity to get involved yet remain unattached.


Glories of Meditation

Meditation is nothing but an art to make you aware of your real self. There is no Pilgrimage like meditation. There is no charity like meditation. There is no fire ceremony like meditation. There is no austerity like meditation, Therefore one should meditate properly.
Meditation gives you only that which you have always had. It simply reveals to you the treasure that is lying there ignored and neglected. While you are running all over the world for it. If you meditate, gradually you start feeling a tremendous love with in you, because love is the fragrance of meditation & your life will become a celebration. Meditation brings love, truth, Godliness, bliss, libration, freedom, benediction.

Role of Diet in Meditation

Have you ever had one of these days where you sit to meditate, but you feel sleepy. Let’s look at how food plays an important role in meditation. Consciousness is very much important that is maintained whilst preparing and eating food each day. You Are What You eat. Once upon a time in India, there lived three friends, Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. They were very close to each other but very different in nature.Tamas was inclined to rest but easily fall into laziness. He would lie all day, lethargic, and did not work. But he was very active at feeding time; he ate all kinds of meat and heavy food. Rajas was focused on action, but he was very restless, withmany thoughts in his mind and many tasks in his hands at the same time. With regard to food, he was a fan of hot and spicy foods, and sweets made with a lot of sugar.The wisest among them was Sattva. He was a natural balance between calm and enthusiasm. He was extremely careful with his diet and ate only what was necessary for his body. Freshly cooked green vegetables and grains and fruits and juices were part of his main diet. So he remained healthy, light, and energetic throughout the day (unlike his friend Tamas), and was also able to think clearly and logically. Which of the three friends do you like and who among them would you like to be best friends with? Well, all three are already part of your life, your friends—Tamas helps you have good sleep at night, Rajas keeps you active during the day, and Sattva keeps your energy high. But of the three, make Sattva your best friend so you can accept his qualities in your life. The higher the Sattva, the deeper your meditation. Choose your food wisely and clear the way for a blissful meditation experience.

Choose Your Diet According to Your Prakriti (Vata, Pitta or Kapha)Each body type has a unique natural constitution composed of vata, pitta, and kapha. Knowing which of these prakriti you are can help you change your eating habits to stay healthy and balanced, and also have deeper meditation.

Tips to make your meditation deeper

  • Switch to vegetarianism – It is healthy and also makes meditation easier.
  • Eat more fresh fruits and green vegetables – Include high fiber foods in your diet.
  • Drink plenty of water -It is good to consume at least two liters of water every day. Prefer fruit juices to carbonated beverages.
  • Eat the right amount – It is not a good idea to eat too much because a very full stomach makes meditation difficult. 
  • Have a sattvic diet – Higher sattva helps to have a deeper experience of meditation.

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Understand the Technique

Don’t mix two techniques because their functioning is different. Sometimes they may be opposite. In every technique effort is needed, Don’t be serious with any technique, simply relax & enjoy the technique. Before starting a technique make sure that you have understand it. Superficially meditation is doing, but in deeper way its just a state of not doing. Meditation is somewhat timeless, thoughtless & breathless state.

Question & Answer

No matter how much one learns, there is always much more to learn in life. We take questions to our rivered master, He answers them with his characteristic simplicity, playfulness and depth of wisdom. For any query or question about meditation just drop your queries on our email, we shall try to forward your question to our great master and reply you as soon as possible.
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