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The Dhyanshala & Yoga Commune offers a large variety of courses on Meditation & Yoga. All are designed to provide a bridge to meditation, and ultimately a bridge to oneself. Lasting from one day to a few weeks, they are based on ancient Yogic Tradition.


Course timings for most courses are from 9:30 – 18:00, with an occasional extra session at night. The core of all the courses are Meditation


There are over  84 active Courses on Meditation

This Meditation will bring You Infinite intelligence & transcendent intellect.

An ancient Technique of Meditation, Take a journey and meet yourself. Patanjali  &  Gautam Buddha has chosen a meditation that can be called the essential meditation. All other meditations are different forms of witnessing, but witnessing is present in every kind of meditation as an essential part; it cannot be avoided. Buddha has deleted everything else and kept only the essential part – to witness.
When you have become perfectly watchful of your body, mind and heart, then you cannot do anything more, then you have to wait. When perfection is complete on these three steps, the fourth step happens on its own accord as a reward. Suddenly your life force, your witnessing, enters into the very center of your being.