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About Nityanandam Shree

H H Nityānandam’s vision of a stress free, mystical and healthy society has expressed itself in numerous services. Nityānandam, An awakened being, a Spiritual leader or a Meditation & Yoga teacher as well as a Health advocate. He has extensively spoken on myriad subjects like yoga, meditation, health, reality, God etc, and given eudite commentaries on numerous scriptures including Shrimad Bhāgwatam, Shri Rāmcharit mānas, Astāvakra Geetā, Shri Guru Geetā to name a few : For over one dacade, Nityanandam shree has been engaged in promoting Yog sādhna & meditation. His spiritual discourses, yoga and meditation retreats & camps are held from time to time at different places across the Globe. He has designed special programs that teach effective and practical techniques for emotional and physical wellbeing.

Nityānandam Shree spent many years of his life studying ancient Indian scriptures and practicing meditation, yoga and self discipline all along. The Nityānandam shree believes in vasudaiv kutumbkam (the whole world is one family). Nityānandam Shree is The spiritual Revolutionist and his satsang is a marvelous blend of the depth of Dhyān, bhakti & karma yoga and the Ultimate truth Gyān yoga.

Nityanandam Shree is an Indian yogi and mystic. He is the founder of Vishwa Mangal Sadhna which administers meditation & yoga centers. At the age of nineteen he had a deep spiritual experience, and subsequently established Yog vedanti, a non-religious, not-for-profit, public service organization, which addresses all aspects of human wellbeing through the ancient practice of yoga. These programs are offered to people ranging from the highly educated to the illiterate, from corporate leaders to prisoners

From the Memory Lane of Nityanandam Shree

Fallen in vicious trap of ailments, at eleventh year of The childhood, my Gurudev led me to the path of yoga. Walking thereon, I not only recovered from my bodily ailments but also happened to achieve sense element and philosophical knowledge. My Gurudev told me that if any of the painful illness had got cured, it was my moral duty to pay off the debt & this was the only Guru-Dakshinā asked for!

During the last thirteen years of my service, I’ve heard agony and plight of numerable people that makes tears roll. I honestly try to reduce their pain as much as i possibly can & feel so fortunate to have been blessed and chosen by God for this divine service.

Stepped further, The almighty blessed me to contribute to legend talks and become fiction spokes-man, to which, I gladly accept as God’s merciful gift. This is why, I resoluted to make, even the last human, I meet, experience this great ritual with the help of yoga & spirituality. Hence, A social, spiritual & yogic project got installed on October 10, 2010 with your cooperation and endless affection

About Vishwa Mangal Sadhna

Its a voluntear based, humanitarian and educational non governmental organization (NGO) founded by our great master. The foundation offers meditation & yoga programs under the name of dhyanpeetham & organises spritual discourses of nitya shri. The basic purpose of Vishwa Mangal Sadhna is to inspire to stoke and to nurture this innate search in every being, helping them realize the ultimate potential within.


Vishwa Mangal Sadhna A vibrant spiritual movement also implements several human service projects to support individual growth. 

“GYAANAM” Honest Vision Of Fitness

Nityanandam Shree’s insight vision about health & wellness is based on our ancient system of gavya chikitsa (cow pathy), Yog, Āhār (Adequate diet),  Ayurveda. Naturopathy, Acupressure & Meditation, hence abbreviated as GYAANAM. He is not critic of other medical & healthcare systems but prefer & beliver in serving the humanity and relieving the pain of mankind with sincere commitments and this can be possible well only by these unhazardous therapies. Nityanandam Shree says that health is the birth right of every creature of God. So helping others to attain complete health is a great job in this world.